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Short Bed Truck?

If you have a short bed truck you have two options:

Install a King Pin Extender on your trailer


Install a Slider Hitch.

If a short bed truck is going to be used, an extended pin box or a slider Eliminator, is recommended to help compensate for the reduced turning clearance. Without the slider or pin box extension the trailer can strike the cab on sharp turns. The Slider allows the vehicle to make normal turns during low speed maneuvering more comfortable. The extended pin box (minimum 13") creates even more space between the truck cab and the trailer. 

5th Wheel King Pin Extension

You can buy a

Universal King Pin Extension




a Factory Extension

from Your Trailer Manufacturer.

Universal King Pin Extension

RV5 Extended Pin02

Why be a test pilot when there is a proven solution?  


Short bed trucks add to all this transference, we still reduce it at the source of the problem with an extended king pin from your trailer dealer/manufacturer, or our slider eliminator that fits in standard installed rails. We absorb a large percentage of this increased Omni-directionally forces.

The installation instructions give the exact location of where to install the fifth wheel trailer hitch for optimal towing.  With an eight foot wide fifth wheel trailer, Reese and Draw-Tite recommend a distance of 52" from the cab of the truck to the center of the fifth wheel hitch.  Because the hitch must remain in front of the rear axle, long bed full size trucks are recommended.  Any truck with a bed less than 8 feet long is considered a short bed. 

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Do you have a 5th Wheel & Gooseneck Trailers?


Do you want to pull both trailers with the same vehicle and hitch?



Gooseenck Conv Pin GN5Click to learn more about the convertor

Slider Eliminator

This diagram shows how turning is restricted when the hitch is located in its proper position for highway use.

This diagram shows how sliding the hitch closer to the end of the truck provides a greater distance between the cab and the trailer, optimizing turning clearance.

Extended King Pin

This diagram shows the standard trailer king pin.

This diagram shows the trailer king pin extension


5th Wheel - Gooseneck Positioner/Slider

Perfect for “Short bed Trucks

Slide 8” Rearward in 1” Increments

Slide 8” Forward (reverse installation)

Uses Standard Reese

Rails No Need To Slide

Set Once and Forget

Tow With Your Short Bed Truck

Built “Semi Truck” Tough

This is the Short Bed Positioner

This is NOT an automatic slide unit. Once positioned you bolt it in its final position.

Mount “Positioner” onto standard 5th wheel rails


Mount 5th wheel onto “Positioner”

Adjust “Positioner” to correct distance

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